Glasgow’s statues are a celebration of the city’s heritage, a collective remembering, a projection of hope for the future. But there are so many stories missing from the city’s landscape. So…

We worked with four artists and four community groups to create four new statues Glasgow.

Glasgow As I See It

working with Charlotte Duffy-Scott created Corrugated Aspiration.

A celebration of achievement; the building up of things and not the destruction of things. It is designed to be accessible for people with visual impairments and it’s all made from cardboard – an overlooked material used to share overlooked stories.

Photo by Jassy Earl

The Women’s Creative Company

working with Jen Smith created W.O.M.A.N. (Workers, Outrageous, Mighty, Able, Notable).

A celebration of the steps forward women have made, and an acknowledgement that there is still more to do before women are perceived as true equals.

Photo by Jassy Earl

Young Carers

from Glasgow South West Carers Centre working with Rosemary Cunningham created The Hut Thing: Everybody Fits Somewhere.

A statue that is: welcoming, strange, wow, cool, unique, happy, inspiring, powerful, cosy, safe, bright, unusual, upbeat, calm, relaxing. Our statue is a hut where people can relax and leave their stresses behind.

Photo by Jassy Earl

Govan Community Project

working with Alice Dansey-Wright and Rosie Reid created We Are Glasgow.

A statue comprised of symbols designed by the group to represent themselves. Each says something about who they are and what they want to be in the future.

Photo by Jassy Earl

The statues were exhibited at South Block in June 2016.

This project was created with support from the Big Lottery Fund.